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IMS regulation (Integrity Management System for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Networks) was issued by the Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board in 2013.

IMS regulation:

IMS regulation helps in understanding the requirements and the basic features needed for implementing an effective integrity management plan for city gas distribution networks. In this methodology:

  • It determines and forecasts the risks and dangers related with city gas distribution networks.
  • It helps in reducing the risk of CGD network failure by streamlining processes.
  • The periodic inspection of the safety of CGD networks and its hazards helps in protection of the personnel, property, public and the environment.
  • It also helps in proper allocation of resources, thus minimizing risks.


Benefits of this inspection:


  • It reduces the damages in property, equipment and products, thus minimizing the costs.
  • Following a single procedure ensures that all the standards are followed consistently and the workloads are streamlined
  • The cases of accidents/incidents would reduce, thus minimizing costs and wastage of time
  • It gives a competitive advantage to the company.