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T4S regulation (Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Networks & Natural Gas pipelines) was issued by the Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board in 2008. These regulations cover the design, materials, fabrication, installation, inspection and testing, commissioning, operation, maintenance, modifications and abandonment of CGD network for domestic, commercial and industrial users. It ensures that the company adheres by the technical requirement and the safety precautions during gas installation.

T4S regulation includes:


  • Thorough inspection and review of the different procedures such as welding, fabrication and testing and investigation of the practices and processes being followed.
  • Audit of the equipment and raw materials being used.
  • Review of the available safety equipment as per the specified standards.
  • Review of the procedures in place for maintenance of CGD network.
  • Verification of the SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system


Benefits of this inspection:


  • Identification of the threats and the most effective measures to control them
  • It helps determine the risk factors and assess them periodically. It is especially important for these industries as they are managing heavy and sensitive equipment.
  • Helps in better allocation of resources.
  • It helps the company understand its day-to-day operations better and find effective ways of cost-reduction.