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The objective of mechanical inspection is to conclude if the vehicle/equipment (internal/external) is mechanically safe to use.

Mechanical safety inspection includes:


  • The vehicle’s mechanical safety is inspected, along with the structural components in the vehicle
  • All the safety equipment are periodically inspected to determine any short-comings/flaws
  • Thorough inspection and review of the different procedures and processes being followed.
  • Review of the available safety equipment as per the specified standards
  • Audit of the parts of the equipment being used


Benefits of this inspection:


  • Identification of the flaws in the equipment helps the user take pre-emptive measures and better maintenance, thus avoiding future damage and accidents.
  • Periodic inspection helps identity easily damaged parts, thus these parts can be replaced with different brand parts, thus avoiding future breakdowns
  • The personnel taking care of the equipment are held accountable for the equipment during the periodic inspection thus, leading them to take better care of the equipment.
  • Reduces future costs and damages.