Management System Certification

TQCert Services Pvt. Limited is an independent Certification Body. It offers unbiased, efficient, cost effective and reliable services through well qualified auditors, trained in business excellence and experienced in diverse industry/ service sectors. The company is supported by a wide network of offices and auditors in India and abroad.

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Food Certification

TQ Food Cert (A division of TQ Cert Services Pvt. Ltd.) is the first establishment to introduce Food certification schemes in India. It has been in operation since 2003.It provides food safety and food chain certification and inspection services against various National and International Standards/Schemes.

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Yoga Certification

The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit Yuj - which means to unite or integrate. The Hon'ble Prime Minister has desired to spread India's traditional knowledge worldwide with credible systems which shall provide India the leadership in assuring quality of Yoga practices across the world.

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Inspection Body Services

Inspection Body provides inspection services in line with the requirements of ISO 17020.The disciplines covered under these services involve: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, ERDMP, T4S and IMS.

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Product Certification

Product Certification ensures that a particular product meets all the quality standards- local, national and international, important to a specific market or category. These certifications help companies maintain a competitive advantage and continue its commercial success.

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The AYUSH products are regulated under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 by the Drugs Controller General of India through the State Governments. This scheme was introduced to enhance the food safety of the AYUSH Products and re-establish consumer confidence

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The safety and energy audit of a company is an inspection of the energy and safety measures followed by them. The energy audits help in energy conservation as well as help in reducing the amount of energy input being made without affecting the output (efficiency is maintained).

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Yoga Certification necessary for trainers in Haryana Yoga centers
In today’s fast-paced and stressful life, relaxation techniques like Yoga and meditation are trending globally. Health consciousness amongst the public has also increased, spiking interest in the field of Yoga.
Adulteration- One of the biggest concerns for food in India
To ensure food safety has been one of the biggest challenges for India. Most of these problems can be attributed to India’s ever-growing population.
Indian organic food market continues to grow at an unprecedented rate
The Indian organic food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% till 2019. This rise is attributed to various reasons: both to the demand as well as the supply side