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ERDMP regulation (Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan) was issued by the Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board in 2009

ERDMP regulation:

The scope of this regulation includes:

  • Identifying the emergencies that might occur in the future
  • Suggesting the precautionary measures that would help to eliminate the risk/disaster.
  • To develop plans and points of action that are to be followed in case a disaster strikes.
  • Outlining a plan for post disaster recovery to get the operations in the affected area to its original functioning state


Benefits of this inspection:


  • This inspection helps the company examine the post disaster recovery methods they have employed. Having a robust plan in place would help the company recover fast from losses and damage during disasters.
  • Regular inspection would help prevent casualties: both on-site and off-site
  • Updating the ERDMP plan periodically helps in reducing damage to property, environment and the public in case a disaster strikes.