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The purpose of electrical inspection is to determine that the fundamental safety electrical practices are being followed.

Electrical inspection includes:


  • Thorough inspection and review of the earthing procedures to ensure that installation is done properly and all devices will operate in the prescribed format in case a fault occurs.
  • Audit of the insulation equipment and the RCDs.
  • Review of the polarity tests of the equipment to ensure that they are not live when switches are in off position.
  • Review of the procedures in place for maintenance of the circuit.


Benefits of this inspection:


  • For any construction, electrical installations play an essential part. Improperly executed, it can lead to disasters. Thus, periodic inspection leads to reduction in risk of fire.
  • Following a single procedure ensures that all the standards are followed consistently and the workloads are streamlined
  • It helps in increasing safety of the working environment.
  • Helps in reduction of machine/equipment damage.
  • Periodic inspection minimizes the danger to property, the business and the public.