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Fire Safety is one of the major aspects that is generally overlooked, or not given due significant importance in organizations / industries and processes. There have been numerous incidents where lack of awareness or ineffective fire control systems has resulted in major losses of human life and property. In the recent past, flash fires at offices and commercial complexes are on the rise. It is necessary that organizations evaluate and devise proper fire safety preparedness and practices, deploy the necessary protection systems to prevent and mitigate any fire related eventualities.

Methodology Adopted:

The methodology involves document review and site visits:

  • Evaluation of the fire and safety risks at offices and operational facilities.
  • Review of the layout for existing firefighting and emergency evacuation systems.
  • Review of Electrical and HVAC systems for potential fire prone conditions.
  • Evaluations of the existing fire control mechanisms with reference to adequacy, awareness and effectiveness.
  • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance to fire safety as per National building Code and Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.



The Fire safety assessment provides the organizations with

  • Comprehensive details about the potential fire and safety hazards existing in the organization.
  • Practical and feasible solutions to address the fire risks aiming to reduce and mitigate losses in the event of fires.


Benefits of the Audit:

The Audit and Assessment provides the organization with

  • Comprehensive understanding of the fire risks existing within it and facilitates the organization to address the same in a practical and feasible manner.
  • It facilitates the organization to prevent and mitigate the fire and emergency situations
  • It helps in creating awareness on fire and emergency risks among the organizations employees.