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Operations and activities in the organization are associated with inherent hazards and risks. These hazards and risks if not identified and addressed appropriately may lead to major accidents and disasters jeopardizing the projects and damaging the reputation of the organization.

Job Safety Analysis, also known as Job Hazard Analysis or Risk Assessment, focuses on specific jobs and job-tasks and identifies potential hazards before they occur.

Methodology Adopted:

The methodology involves:

  • Documenting review and site audits
  • Identification of all operations and activities carried out in the organization
  • Identification of inherent and potential hazards in each activity
  • Review of the existing safety guards and procedures for adequacy and effectiveness
  • Preparation of safe operating procedures and processes for each activity



The deliverables from this process are

  • Listing of all activities and operations carried out in the organization
  • Comprehensive understanding about the hazards and risks for all operations
  • Work instructions and method statements for carrying out each activity safely .


Benefits of the Audit:

Job Safety Analysis / Risk Assessment provides the organization with comprehensive understanding of the hazards and risks in all the activities that are carried out and the effective control processes to eliminate or mitigate the effects of undesired events.It facilitates in complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.