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Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon Sectors are associated with high Level of risk, usually associated with fire and explosion

Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board, Government of India came out with “Emergency Response and Disaster Management” Regulation in the year 2010. As per the regulation, Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon storage, handling and transportation organizations shall prepare “Emergency Response and Disaster Management” Systems and conduct on-site and offsite mock drills to ascertain the preparedness to handle these emergencies. These prepared manuals shall be certified by accredited bodies of the PNGRB.

Methodology Adopted:

Methodology involves

  • Document review and On-site Visits
  • Submission of ERDMP document
  • Review and gaps identification if any in the ERDMP document
  • Updating the document by Client
  • On-site Audit and witnessing the mock drill
  • Submission of Compliance to on-site audit observations



The deliverables from this process are:

  • Review of the document for compliance to PNGRB regulations
  • On-site Witness and evaluation of fire hydrant system effectiveness


Benefits of the Audit:

The organization can evaluate their disaster management preparedness and take precautionary measures.