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Electrical Safety Audit

Lighting, Ventilation and Air-conditioning systems are essential parts of buildings, offices and commercial complexes and all of these require electricity for effective operations.

It has been reported that electrical accidents are major contributors for fire accidents in building and commercial complexes. It has been established that the reasons for electrical accidents to happen are overloading, improper design and lack of review and audit of the electrical systems.

Methodology Adopted:

Methodology involves

  • Document review and On-site Visits
  • Review of the electrical layout and line diagrams
  • On-site visit and audit of the system with reference to codes and standards
  • Verification and testing with reference earthing and tripping mechanisms for proper working and adequacy



The deliverables from this process are:

  • Evaluation of the existing electrical systems and identification of the gaps
  • Thorough verification of earthing and trip systems
  • Submission of recommendations for safety and energy conservation.


Benefits of the Audit:

The organization gets realistic assessment of the existing electrical systems for safety and utility and this helps in improving the overall safety of the organization.