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To encourage Good Agricultural Practices and Good Field Collection Practices in medicinal plants, the National Medicinal Plants Board in collaboration with QCI (Quality Council of India) has launched the Voluntary Certification Scheme for Medicinal Plant Produce.

The applicants of the certification are:

  • Option 1 - Individual producer/collector applies for certification and gets certification for his/her produce.
  • Option 2 - A producer/collector group applies for group certification and the producer group, as a legal entity, gets certification.

We have an experienced team of professionals in third party certifications, inspections and food value chain audits. While working in this sector we have created a strong ecosystem of partners with whom we deliver the required services and create value for our customers. Helping our customers meet their regulatory, system and process compliance targets is our prime focus and by making this our mission, we achieve our goal of mutual growth and leadership.

Fee Structure :

For Option 1 :

1. Administrative Charges Rs.5,000/-
2. Manday Charges Rs.15,000/-
3. Certification Charges Rs.15,000/-
For Option 2 :
1. Administrative Charges Rs.10,000/-
2. Manday Charges Rs.15,000/-
3. Certification Charges Rs.30,000/-

Note :

1. Above charges mentioned for both Option 1 and 2 are excluding Travel, Accommodation and applicable GST.

2. The number of mandays would vary depending on the produce handling facilities (wherever applicable), location and number of farmers.

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Certification Process Version II

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